Astrology of individuation.

I have to confess that I’m not so much into the astrology of general forecasting.

My virgoan mind finds very difficult to make or take in general affirmations about planetary positions without considering the individual that experiences it.

Yeah, right, Saturn is making a square to Neptune in the sky and that could be about a reality check of some kind, but to who? And in what format or in which dimension of life? And what if that Saturn-Neptune square activates my natal angular T-square or is sitting exactly on my Ascendant-Descendant axis?

Same with the lunar cycles. Yes we can be collectively more emotionally charged under the full moon but there is always gonna be a very unique level of experience. That’s what I find most fascinating.

Yes there are many archetypal traits in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that I could think of, but to me is only when I place that full Moon into someone’s chart that things start to make more sense. Is it about the flourishing of new ideas or opportunities to heal your difficulty in communicating with your partner?

How can you set your intentions with more self-awareness?

To me Astrology is a bit like detective work, you go on following leads. You bring down to the most personal level of experience in order to empower.

Yes, Saturn is about walls and restrictions, limitations or mastery, but how do I relate to that principle?  How do I tend to experience this archetype in my psyche? Which house Saturn falls in and which house does it rule in my horoscope? What aspects does it make?

All of these are symbolically representing a complex that gets activated every now and then (reflected) by transits or progressions. Under a Saturn transit I might get a promotion at work instead of feeling lonely and miserable, or something else.

Every month the full Moon will be casting it’s light into a personal area of your horoscope that, even though archetypal, is unique to you.




8 thoughts on “Astrology of individuation.

    • I agree. Just felt the need to stretch the importance of keeping in mind that there is more to it. That we can always dive deeper


      • And this is probably one of the best things that has happened to the study of astrology: many voices getting a forum, different astrologers showing how they use it, how they interpret the same general principles to apply to a host of different situations. This is an art, and it is inherently subjective because it is about people.

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  1. “Yeah, right, Saturn is making a square to Neptune in the sky and that could be about a reality check of some kind, but to who?”

    Agree completely. Other than predictive astrology always being easiest in retrospect (as soon as there is a disaster 50 professional astrologers can tell you the signature of why it happened), I find that it is completely individual.

    The person’s natal signature has to come into play because the strength or debility of a planet in their natal chart will determine much effect that planet’s transit has on them.

    I am completely addicted to predictive astrology, I just love watching the upcoming aspects to my natal chart, but for the most part they pass with barely a blip on the radar screen. Perhaps it is the watched pot never boiling scenario. 😉


  2. Great post! I think it is also important to remember that astrologers are people too and how we each interpret or utilize this art will be individualized based on our own charts as well. So many layers… Nice conversation going here! And thanks for checking out my blog too. 🙂


    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on it! 🙂
      Yes, I find that it’s important to value our work and also agree about the many layers in astrology. You’re totally right! And because of that I believe that as astrologers we have to do a lot of personal work, to know ourselves more, so we won’t be projecting our issues into the client when giving a reading. ♡


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