Astrodance of synchronicity

It’s so interesting to observe how the planetary movements do symbolically reflect what goes on.

Cycles within cycles.

For the brief moment that transiting Pluto popped into my 3rd house I started discovering what a real pleasure blogging is. I felt inspired by so many ideas and the whole process of publishing and feeling acknowledged as well.

What a delight to be read by other people.

To feel heard and to be able to share thoughts and feelings.

Then, as Pluto went retrograde and backwards into my second house, my focus has naturally switched back into practical matters.

My new job and the potential for making a more consistent amount of money after at least 5 years of living on a very low budget. The house hunting (yes it is also making the last square to my natal Moon) and the prospect of settling down again, even if just for a few months.

I’m gonna have my own space again!

Put up my pictures on the wall, light up incenses and candles, create my sacred space.

Yesterday I’ve given a reading to a client and at the end was left baffled.

This is one of the things that I really love about astrology, it never bores me. It’s just amazing how much precious information can be accessed and how accurate most of the time.

And how in tune with personal cycles.

And I’m becoming less and less inclined to believe that the planets are “doing” something to us.

We are one and the same, what happens up there is synchronised with the inside here.

No blame and no victims.

Only a beautiful dance of the same elements in different scales..


My gratitude to Hades..

I’m back to London feeling tremendously happy and grateful.

Not because I’m in London but because I’ve had a magical time at the festival.

I can hardly believe how amazing I am feeling during this third hit from transiting Pluto to my Moon.

(Thank you to some of you that contacted me saying that now it would not be as painful, I think you are right, having experienced 2 hits previously does make a big difference I guess!)

I’ve met so many good people and felt so much at home over there.

I also (surprisingly) did a talk on astrology during the festival that went well and made me feel alive. The opportunity served as a confirmation of my decisions as well.

The more I become myself, the more I’m on the right path and able to listen to my true call.

It was beautiful!

On top of that I got a message from my friend who is opening a cafe in Bristol confirming that it is happening in about a month and that he wants me to be the manager.

I’m soon moving to the city I wanted to live in for a while and will be able to rebuild myself financially while helping someone that I really like. Someone that values myself for who I am and appreciates my work.


And then, towards the end of the festival, I’ve met someone new.

It was magical.

It felt so good to hang out with someone older and more emotionally mature. Someone that seems to be committed to self growth and spirituality as much as I am.

It was beautiful.

We went to Bristol together for a few days (that’s where he is from!!!) And I had a truly beautiful time.

For some reason I had totally forgotten how it is when someone really values you and your company.

He made a point in reminding me.

With previous lessons on my natal Venus square Neptune, I am keeping my feet on the ground this time.

Never mind the future.

At the start of my third Pluto/Moon experience I’m just gratefully contemplating what seems to have happened as a big leap.

A leap of consciousness being reflected by outer reality..


Travels of a progressed Moon in Sagittarius..

I feel a warmth in my heart. Excitement.

I’m all set to travel again, this time I’m heading to Taunton in Devon to work at another summer festival.

Since my progressed moon entered Sagittarius in February last year packing up has become a kind of routine. By now I think that I’ve developed the most effective way of packing everything I need in my backpack. It’s amazing!

And somehow being constantly on the road really feels like home to me! (I’m also a life path number 5 in numerology)

Anyways, this festival is meant to be a very especial one that I haven’t been to yet. It’s called Buddhafield  :), and as the name already says, it is a spiritual one. (without drugs or alcohol being sold)

By experience, it is great to be with a crowd that tries getting their kicks from spiritual work rather than drugs. (nothing against alternate states of consciousness induced by substances when not done on a daily basis)

While I’m there, in a week or so, Pluto is going to go down to 15 degrees again and make the third exact square to my moon.

I hope I have some kind of breakthrough hanging out there. Perhaps a feeling of being at home, even if temporary, leads me further in my path. (which is becoming more and more connected with spirituality)

Fingers crossed and a positive mindset.. ♡

Pre Pluto-Moon destruction..

I was thinking about writing a post with more focus on astrological stuff but at the moment I just can’t.

I’m feeling a massive rush of strange emotions that are preventing me from sending energy into my rational faculties..

(I can’t or perhaps I just don’t want to be too analytical now.)

Five minutes ago I was taking a look at my 2016 ephemeris and with agony seeing (again) that Pluto will shortly be squaring my natal moon to the exact degree for the 3rd time. Feeling anxious to see (not that I haven’t seeing it before) that Pluto will be in the same degree of my Moon for the next 6 months.

In general I do tend to be a positive type of person, always seeing pain as the side effect of growth. (just like Donna Cunningham beautifully explains on her book “Healing Pluto problems”)

But fucking hell, during the last two exact hits from transiting Pluto I had to deal with so much pain and emotional detox that I felt more than overwhelmed by it.

At the moment I don’t feel it yet (pain), but the wave of anxiety is enormous.

Restlessness and discomfort.

I remember when I watched the film “Dancer in the Dark” with Bjork. The death row scene really hit me.

That was a long time ago, I was still quite young, but I remember to think of how terrifying it probably is to know that you’re walking towards death. My palms were sweaty and I felt terribly anxious every time I watched. (I saw the movie couple of times)

This is probably the best way I can use to describe my feelings at this pre Pluto-Moon moment.

I know I’m walking towards death..

Discomfort in my stomach, sweaty palms.. and the honest knowing that there is no way it is not going to be painful.

One more time that mess of guts and blood all over the place, and me on the floor, painfully turned inside out..


I’ve been gardening a lot in the last few days and having insights.

So much seems to have happened inside me during the month of June. The whole mutable grand cross and Mars retrograde as well reflecting some kind of inner turmoil.

The funny thing that got me thinking is the fact that since Mars stationed and went direct a few people got in touch with me requesting some astrological work.

During the last two months, while Mars was retrograde, I did worry quite a bit about having to make a decision regarding how I’m gonna be making my income. I also had many moments thinking that perhaps I would have to borrow money from someone else for the first time.

Self doubt.

This whole thing made me think about my approach to astrology.

If I was writing a forecast to someone else I would have noticed the retrograde Mars more clearly, especially if it was natally the ruler of the 6th house and Ascendant, and speak about the need to rethink actions or strategies.

Why did I forget that myself?!

One thing that somehow disturbs me is how, many times, (we) astrologers try too hard to fit the symbolism into reality.

Is the other way around of what it should be in my view.

The capacity to interpret and understand symbols should enhance our ability to make choices. It should be used to deepen our understanding of life and other people, it should somehow add complexity and not be used to oversimplify and to put people in boxes.

One of the greatest risks with the astrology of disempowerment is using it to justify some kind of behaviour or circumstance without having to take much responsibility for it.

“I’m like this because of my Mars conjunction Pluto” “I can’t do this because I’m too fiery” “I do that because I lack fire” and so on.

Is also a little like going back to the medieval mentality of praying to a “father figure” God that will punish or reward you depending on your behaviour.

Is not being able to be responsible and thoughtful about your actions and life situation.

Blame on the planets. “This is happening because Saturn is on my Ascendant”…

In my view is becoming clearer that the astrological position of the planets are reflecting your inner life.

There is no out there causing you something. We are one and the same. Perhaps we are still the result of an explosion expanding together.

It’s a dance.

I think that by trying to avoid the more passive kind of astrological interpretation I end up sometimes ignoring things like the retrograde Mars on my Ascendant.

I really feel that I need to find a good balance here..