Confessions of a transformed Libra Moon..

This is my second official morning in Bristol.

I’ve managed to start moving here even though I still haven’t found a home yet.

Got on a train on Wednesday with my backpack, a suitcase and my bicycle and it was very nice to see a few people really keen on offering me a hand. The world is full of good people.

Then on the same day I went to check a potential home and really enjoyed it. It just felt right. Even the name of the street: Gratitude Road. Love it.

They have a nice garden in the back where they used to grow some veggies but now is mostly overgrown nasturtium. She seemed happy when I told her that I have a bit of experience with gardening. She is Taurus and also on a spiritual path.

So then my uncertainty about the room that I had checked previously just grew.

Strange situation.

When I came here straight after Buddhafields I had the opportunity to go and see a house. I knocked on the door and when the woman opened it and invited me in, the first thought that crossed my mind was a clear and loud no.

I don’t know why I didn’t listen to it from the beginning.

Suddenly I was caught in the middle of the whole (bizarre) agency bureaucratic process when I still wasn’t even sure if I wanted to move in. I wasn’t completely sure that that was my home to be.

Anxiety over the referencing process. Somehow, in a strange way, they make you feel like a criminal. Checking this, checking that.

The whole thing was just making me feel very uncomfortable and a little scared of coming back to a “normal” life in society. I sent couple of emails that didn’t get any response, from the agency as well as one of the potential house mates.

No clear communication. No real connection or appreciation. Only a business like thing going on.

Big lesson to me about not allowing myself to get wrapped up in situations anymore. (perhaps my neptunian side combined with the Libra moon?)

Then yesterday I had to finally speak up my truth.

An email was sent to the agency (still without a response) and another one to the potential house mate.

It was really hard to let these people down, but I couldn’t sign a contract and move in somewhere only because I didn’t want to disappoint others. She straight away replied to me fairly aggressive, saying that I would have to deal with the “very bad karma that you have just generated” and also saying that I don’t have integrity.

My intuition was confirmed and I felt relieved that I didn’t sign the contract.

Everyone that knows me a little bit knows how much integrity is important to me.

I still replied a very nice email apologising again and explaining that it was out of integrity with them and integrity with myself that I wasn’t going to move in because it didn’t fell right.

I can see how my Moon in Libra’s unconscious reactions, (to be a people pleaser for instance), is being challenged now. I can see how much I really need to be liked and how that need has driven me to almost move in with people that I didn’t truly feel connected.

(After all the trouble that I went through in order to find and to relate with like minded people!)

I’m very proud of myself though. Proud of being able to say no. And I am Happy to see myself becoming more and more authentic.

So I will end this post with a positive message.

After lots and lots of suffering and dealing with toxic emotional junk that was lingering on my psyche, during the last hit of transiting Pluto to my moon I can already see how much I’ve changed for better. I feel lighter and much more able to be truthful to my essence.

I am not here to make everyone like me as there is no point in being appreciated by compromising your truth.

I still make an effort to be nice to people because that’s a strong part of my nature, but without betraying my essence.

Is a pity if you don’t like me, but life goes on.

On astrological compatibility..

Finally I’m sitting down to write a little.

Life on the road is becoming a series of catching up; with laundry, with different people, with myself (Im still rarely spending time on my own company), with my diet, my yoga practice…

I am really looking forward to have a room for myself but I know that it won’t happen for another month or perhaps 2 months (I’m going to check another place that I would only be able to move in on 1st of October).

But that doesn’t bother me.

Life has its seasons and I’ve been learning how to respect and flow with it rather than fight it.

Anyways, enough of catching up with myself here.

What I really was thinking about is writing a few posts on common questions that people ask you when they find out that you’re an astrologer.

Astrology still so much misunderstood.

So, one of the questions people always ask me (together with the usual is that good or bad?!) is:  “which star sign would be my perfect match?”

I think this is such a funny question. And naive at the same time.

When I think about compatibility I think about commonality.

Traditionally if your sun is in Aquarius you wouldn’t be a match made in heaven with someone that has a cancerian sun, but what if your Moon is in Cancer?! And even better, the other person’s Moon is also in Aquarius?

Synastry has always been one of my favorite topics in astrology and because of that I’ve been experimenting with it a lot in my life. I was always paying attention to how I feel around a certain person and then checking the symbolic reflection of it.

Then, as I was becoming more acquainted with the astrological language, I started comparing how the same interaspect would feel with two different people. I once dated a guy for couple of months that had a very tight conjunction from his Saturn to my natal Sun, an interaspect that I also had with my father.

So fascinating to see those energies playing out in “real life”!

I went to Bristol for another week and spent more time with the man I’ve met at the festival. Things are unfolding pretty well between us and I can’t ignore the strong amount of commonalities between our charts.

I have a strong angular square involving Virgo and Sagittarius and in a different way (involving slightly different houses and planets) so does he.

We share something; a similar conflict is playing out in our psyches.

The need to be free to explore and be spontaneous (Sagittarius) versus the analytical and grounded tendencies that need to be put into service (Virgo). The switch back and forth from the bigger picture to the smallest details in a situation.

And because we are both made of these energies we sort of understand each other’s two sides.

I think that this is what I mean by commonalities.

When people share similar energies, like for example someone with a strong Capricornian nature can relate well with someone that has a stellium in the 10th house, there is a natural understanding.

Not to forget that our level of awareness has a major impact on how much you get on with someone else or not.

And this part still pretty much a mystery, in my opinion, impossible to be measured with astrology.