Transiting Nodes

Have you ever noticed what happened when transiting North node hit something on your chart?!

Transiting node now is just about to make a conjunction to my natal Sun, and regarding the frustrations I wrote about yesterday, I have a good feeling about it.

The lunar nodes are considered to have a connection with karmic lessons and spiritual growth, and I have been observing it’s reflection when it touched something important in my chart.

In my experience there is usually someone else involved.

When transiting North Node made a conjunction with my Ascendant, Moon and Venus (in different occasions) I met someone that somehow taught me a relevant lesson regarding the principle in question.

When the nodes transited my ASC-DSC axis I met the guy who I shortly after would have my Saturn return intense experience with. Encountering this person has taught me lessons in so many levels that it is still hard to pinpoint.

I also see the karmic intensity of it by the fact that transiting South Node was right on my DSC. (If there is such a thing as past lifes, I certainly have met him before)

The two other occasions were a little lighter.

With North node transiting my natal Moon I got reunited with my past lover, the one that had a very relevant role in me acting upon my decision to leave my life in London behind (culminated with the first square from Pluto to my Moon in early 2015).

Then when transiting North Node was conjuncting my natal Venus I met a very interesting (not in a romantic way) polish man in Thailand, that gave me many insights into my love life (not only) and who gave me a peculiar and intense healing session.

That was quite powerful and somehow prepared the ground for the  intense healing experience I’ve had during my yoga course.

Now transiting North Node is just about to hit my natal Sun, in a moment when I’ve been feeling deflated and longing for more opportunities to express my solar principle.

(I’ve been reading “The Luminaries” by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas and getting a lot of inspiration from it, couldn’t recommend more! Do read it if you want to get a deeper understanding of the solar and lunar function in the and astrological chart.)

Will keep my eyes wide open now..


4 thoughts on “Transiting Nodes

  1. I have transiting (Mean) South Node coming up on conjunction with my natal Moon and just the other day I reflected back through the dates when either North or South Mean node passed over my natal Moon to see what usually happens.

    The only commonality of theme was that all those transiting node conjunction dates were periods of change, either housing moves, job separations or new jobs started. I see those as definitely fated periods when things had to change so that I would be where I am now (which I am confident is the correct path for righting past karma because it fits the past life wrongdoings I know about).

    I have another few months before the Mean South Node crosses my Moon, and it is more likely that a forced relocation would happen before another job change (since I changed jobs to my current one only 3 months ago and it remains perfect in multiple ways) but that is the tricky thing about fate, you don’t always get a say. I will just continue going with the flow and see what happens!

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  2. Yes, definitely going with the flow is the best approach when it comes to fate! Which house is your Moon in? Also, which house are your natal lunar nodes placed in as well? I think that this information would also have a say about how you experience the transiting nodes in your life..
    I also read Liz Greene saying that the lunar nodes are powerful because they have a strong connection with our core because of its relationship between the Sun and the Moon. Something like they point out they way to perhaps integrate both luminaries?!
    Is one of the chapters on the book about the luminaries by her and Howard Sasportas, really worth reading! ♡♡♡

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    • Moon in Pisces, North Node in Aquarius.

      I agree. The changes that happened to me (changes in home and job) moved me from working for private for-profit companies to working admin support jobs in public education (special education specifically). I know my Aquarius path is to assist the masses through the field of education. ❤

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