Ongoing kales. .

One of the little quirk things that we do at the cafe I’m working is having Cavolo Nero in bottles on the tables (rather than flowers or more common types of plants for decoration).

We used to change them quite often when I realised that maybe putting a little water in the bottles could perhaps make the kale last for longer and save us the trouble and wastage.

It turns out that they are growing roots now!

My feelings towards my job are getting better again. We’ve got someone else working with us that I really appreciate. In synastry his Sun is conjunct my Moon and his Mars conjunct my Venus.

Contrary to what you might be imagining (the ones that know a bit about astrology) I don’t feel sexually attracted to him. But we do work well together and I truly enjoy his energy.

I also got a place to volunteer once a week at a wellbeing centre.

I feel like I’m starting to move forward with my outer life again.

This mercury retrograde in Capricorn has been an interesting time for me to draw a plan for doing more of the things that I’d rather be doing.

Then in only couple of months my progressed Moon will change to Capricorn and I already can feel a slight shifting in my energy.

More grounding and planing in my life is welcome. Earth is my element.

I also feel more serious.

But obviously, the ongoing transit from Pluto to my Moon has a strong part in these feelings of seriousness.

Dieing isn’t like a walk in the park.

Yesterday I was rereading couple of my old journals, from 2015/2016, and I saw how intense these last two years have been. How much ego death has brought difficult emotions for me to deal with.

A lot of stuff from my mother as well. I really feel like I’ve been dealing with my “family curse”.

The process was gradual. As soon as I opened the can of warms there was an increase of trapped dark emotions with more truth after feeling those difficult emotions, then more emotional junk followed by more raw insightfulness .. and so on and so forth..

I’ve been digging so deep that I can’t transcribe here all of my realisations, I would have to write for days and days.

Perhaps I just can’t do it because I’m still in it.

Just like those ongoing kales at work.. but with a bit of fresh water to help me growing new roots instead of just dieing over and over again…


One thought on “Ongoing kales. .

  1. Good Manifesting! How are the Sun-Moon and Venus-Mars Aspects going the other way? And do either of you have planets near the Asc or Dsc of the other? – not that I’m suggesting you make all that public unless you particularly want to! I knew a woman with her Sun on my Moon who (unabtrusively, but obviously) just sort of expected me to follow her around. The Synastry wasn’t mutual, and it was her roommate that I was very attracted to.My father saved the best parts of his meals for last, while my mother ate the best first. Since she assumed that everyone else ate the best first too, she always helped herself to the last things that remained on his plate. They were married for 40-some years before they discovered this! My father never said anything – he loved her, and since he assumed that she liked to save the best for last too, he was pleased that she enjoyed his favorite morsels. They had Venus-Mars Aspects with each other. With three kids in a small house, their sexual relationship probably wasn’t the most outrageous; I don’t recall ever coming home to a busted-down kitchen table, for instance. But they were married for 65 years, got along very well with one another, and raised three kids in spite of numerous hardships. Immediate sexual attraction isn’t always the best indicator of longevity in a relationship, nor even the best indicator of sexual satisfaction. Immediate sexual attraction usually Mirrors what we Most Want but have trouble Finding In Ourself. The attraction dies (and often becomes repulsion) when we discover that having a Relationship with them didn’t really provide what we Most Wanted. That’s why Self-Confidence is the sexiest characteristic we encounter, because Self-Confidence is so often what we Most Want, as it solves so many other problems. We Adore them because of their Self-Confidence, but then after a while we discover that they don’t Need us or Adore us back because with Self-Confidence they have no Need (if their Self-Confidence is Real) or Ability (if it’s pathological Narcissism) to do that. We Wanted them to give us Self-Confidence, but we find that we got just the opposite.I’ve also met available people with whom I shared Venus-Mars Aspects, and not pursued Relationship with them – because I judged differences in our social status or social sophistication as likely dead ends. It’s only one measure of Relationship, but not one to discount, especially if you have BOTH Sun-Moon and Mars-Venus! Even if you Choose otherwise, just Manifesting into your Life someone with that sort of Synastry is something worth Celebrating. People frequently lament about not finding satisfactory Relationship, but if they think about their past Relationships they often discover that on their (conscious or unconscious) list of What they Want in a Partner, each former Relationship met one or two of their Criteria. What they’re unable to Manifest is the Combination of many elements, because of their own Limiting Beliefs. I once discovered for instance that I could easily Manifest Freedom, Security, and Intimacy, but not two of them at the same time, let alone all three. So I sat down and started PIAVAing “Freedom AND Security AND Intimacy AND a Loving and Gentle Release of all Impediments.” I didn’t Manifest that, but I Learned a lot about myself in the process, including how it was my own Limits that prevented me. You might consider PIAVAing a Relationship that provides the sort of Ease you feel with your colleague AND sexual attraction, to see what evolves.In the many charts I’ve done over the years of successful and lasting Relationships, I’ve always been able to easily see why they were in Relationship, and I’ve never seen two couples with the same astrological reasons for being together. But Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus, and planet-Asc/Dsc are nothing to ignore. At the least they’re huge Learning Opportunities.The astrology we use was crafted in Medieval Europe, when people lived in small villages. A Sun-Moon or Mars-Venus with someone in the same or a close-by village was a Sign well worth pursuing. Nowadays we have access to a much wider selection of people, but those Medieval Epigenetics are still in our Cells. Love, Jim

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