Uranic individual


Shifts that have no end.

In the life of someone who has a strong Uranus in the natal chart, shifts and changes can happen quite suddenly. (There are different ways of measuring if a planet is strong in your chart: by house, aspects or sign as well)

And I have quit my job at the cafe quite unexpectedly (even to myself!), ironically on 1st of May, the international workers day.

It was the first time that I left in the middle of service, and I have to say, it felt good! (Specially having Β Mars conjunct Uranus in the first house, with Mars ruling the 6th house of job)

When we insist on doing something that doesn’t allow us to be ourselves Uranic energy can be a way out. We do have to be mindful not to “throw the baby with the bath water” but Uranus has also a connection with the process of individuation.

The process of becoming your authentic self by freeing yourself from conditioning and heading towards uniqueness.

I won’t be developing much more on that right now as I’m preparing for a job interview today.

Fingers crossed.

And I also have a reading to do later on.


15 thoughts on “Uranic individual

  1. Oh yes, a vocation (mc) that allows you to wake people up (uranus) also ..
    I truly enjoy writing as well, I guess is also the mercury in Virgo, and I can’t wait to get my new laptop by the end of the month so I can dedicate myself more to writing! β™‘


  2. Uranus is conjunct my impending North Node return. I think I have a PHD in Uranian upsets. Like a fish on the griddle, when you flip it, it only takes a second and it’s done! My experience; these sudden changes can appear like disaster and in the words of Tolkien, turn into Eu-Catastrophe; it’s really the OPPOSITE! It becomes sudden windfall, fortune, benefit. IT IS SO TRUE! It’s happened to me many times, some I still haven’t figured out the how, the why…some don’t need it. But just now, yesterday and tomorrow I prove this in my life. Stay the course…Uranus ‘gotcher back! ❀

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    • That’s a very uranian inspiring comment! I really enjoy Uranus energy most of the time to be honest, the unexpected, the unpredictable, the weird… and the list goes on..
      Also thinking about it, if it wasn’t for my sudden uranian job quitting I wouldn’t found out about this other job opportunity which is much more suitable and interesting to me. I hope I get it, the interview went well, we will see what happens. My natal Uranus also makes a trine to my MC and one of my teachers said once that that represents being in the right place at the right time career wise. Opportunities coming your way unexpectedly. We will see! πŸ™‚ β™‘

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  3. My north node is sandwiched in between Pluto and Uranus in my 8th house…just to make things really fun! Yes, it opens up horizons. Just be open minded because even though this new opportunity might look perfect, even it may be a stepping stone to something even greater that you didn’t envision. Stay in the moment for sure because things can (and usually do) develop in surprising ways…like a wave, up and down, sometimes more, some less, but with your MC, it’s like my NN because it’s higher in the chart, but yours is the TOP! Expect BIG things, think BIG, stay small, love every minute! Most of all…I found that FAITH and TRUST in the YOUniverse is my biggest asset. Carpe Diem!

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    • What a lovely comment. Thank you. I just found out I didn’t get the job, so we will see where is this situation going to take me now… hopefully somewhere higher…

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  4. I wonder if it was Uranic energy that compelled me to take such a job action some many years ago. By the way, the term “uranic” just sounds disgusting when I think about it. πŸ˜›

    As I already see from the following installment of Technically Astrological Weekly, your liberating haste did not pay off so quickly. Neither did mine. How does astrology reward quitting a job without another already in the works versus being let go?


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