Progressed Moon moves to Capricorn ..

I have made my decision.

I am dedicating all of my energy, not to find or apply to another job that I don’t want to be doing, but to become a full time astrologer.

And do you know what? It feels great. It feels right.

I think the time is ripe for me to start putting myself out there. I feel much more solid in myself and confident on my knowledge and experience.

My progressed moon has also recently just moved to Capricorn and I can totally feel the internal change of mood. My change of focus. Getting organised and investing my time and energy in my career feels great now.

I will be writing more from now on, and I will also work more on posts about astrology itself. (Laptop will be with me at the end of the month!)


14 thoughts on “Progressed Moon moves to Capricorn ..

  1. Let’s hope the new current of energy pays off. [I am skeptical of full-time astrology as a primary business, unless you’re like a private eye, taking case-by-case.]

    But, I like that good motivated feeling. When you say “putting yourself out there,” I think of an astrologer I have worked into one of my prospective books (still on the back burner). She’s a bit of a gypsy who receives questionable approval from her neighbors but also has a second job (and disguise) that is more consistent in schedule.


  2. I totally know where you are coming from. Strong intention is a wonderful and powerful tool. And visualizing your desired outcome every day will help also. With Mercury (ruler of your Sun sign) now in Taurus, you can draw on that wonderful supply of Taurean determination and persistence. And Saturn trines Uranus in the heavens during all of 2017, so it is a good time to launch an astrological practice.

    However, money and art don’t always mix well. If you put too much pressure on your art form (astrology) to earn a living, supply your income etc, you can stifle or dry up your creative flow in the process. You may also experience “creative burn-out” eventually, as many astrologers do. May I make a suggestion? Obtain a part time job. Make astrology your primary focus, and have that part time job as a back-up, to take the pressure off.

    A Pluto transit is about extremes. Your Moon in Libra is about creating a balance.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.

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    • Thank you for your words and wishes! I totally agree that when you are in a desperate place to make an income the creative flow dries out and I’m very mindful of that. But I’ve noticed in the last few years that I’ve been trying that (to keep the balance and have an part time job to back me up) and that most of my energy unconsciously goes to the job, or to where my survival is sort of connected to, and then the job naturally becomes the focus. Is been so hard to put energy into other things, like writing articles, preparing lectures to offer places and people, or even advertising myself as an astrologer. I feel that back almost 10 years ago when I moved to England the odd jobs were the only source of survival to me as I was still deciding what was my vocation, and later on I was still only a student. I might be wrong and perhaps have to get another source of income later, but I feel ready now to focus and, like I’ve said, to trust my wisdom and knowledge (and all the many feedbacks I’ve got in the last years on my proficiency and talent as an astrologer) and follow my bliss. I feel full of excitement in my heart at the moment for deciding to give a proper chance to live of my passion. We will see what happens. But I will definitely keep your wise words in my mind as well. Thank you! ♡♡♡

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  3. All the best with it, Fernanda. Progressed Cap Moon periods are great for turning dreams into something concrete and viable – something I know from my own experience. However, I’d tend to agree with Wizron in that it is quite a task to generate a viable income through astrology alone. Your best plan in the long run, which will also pay off materially, is to work towards as professional an image and practice as you can…have you seen the recent OPA manual: “The Professional Astrologer – building a successful astrology practice?” I would have very much liked that to have been around when I started out…

    You sound as though you are in a good settled, focused, motivated place. Bon Voyage!

    ps may see you at the upcoming Student Conference? I’ll look out for you at the bookstall!

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    • Hi Anne, thank you very much for your words, and I’m definitely checking the OPA manual up, thanks for the tip. 🙂
      Yes, I have the material and more down to earth side of it in mind as well, but I decided to give myself couple of months without any other distraction job wise and see how I get on. See if I can survive (I do have some little savings to prevent me from worrying too much).
      The thing is, with this transit from Pluto to my Moon (involving my second house) I have learnt also to have a good life with very little (not that I want to live like that forever). And also, how much I can earn doing a part time waitress type of work would not be too hard making with astrology work (with much less frustration, less physical horrible effort, plus of course, I would be following my passion!). So I am still using some logic behind my decision, I’m an earthy person after all 🙂 Hopefully my gut feeling and logic will lead me to much happier and fulfilling place!
      And yes, I am going to be at the book stall in the conference this year!!! I look forward to meeting you in person Anne 🙂

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