Pain(s) and beauty(s) of self-employment..

Im having a bit of an issue getting in touch with a client that still has to pay for my service and doesn’t get back to me.

And I wonder, has every astrologer/freelancer gone through something similar?! Do we have to ask for guarantees beforehand and mistrust people’s sense of integrity?

Maybe this person is very busy… with a very sick mother.. and/or the telephone sank in the toilet.. who knows?!

To be honest isn’t even the lack of payment that bothers me, but the potential lack of respect.

Anyways, apart from this situation, things are developing well for me.

I have recently set up another talk at the same spot here in Bristol and feel excited about it. The first one went pretty well and I felt so energised afterwards.. also with great feedback from people.

Public speaking seems to be a very strong part of my call and I am looking forward to doing more and more of it.

With my progressed Moon currently in Capricorn I am finding great pleasure in getting on with “To do” lists like never before.

More fun than dancing or having idle time… very appreciative of increasing productivity at the moment ..


9 thoughts on “Pain(s) and beauty(s) of self-employment..

  1. When I worked/volunteered for the big name astrologer he would charge people after the session as you are doing. Most of the time (90-95%) clients would pay quickly and in-full, however… some would ignore all requests for payment. I guess he just wrote those off on his tax returns? (Although I really do not know other than he felt it was a small matter in the way he preferred to run his business.)

    I have always been charged up front before sessions for other healers/readers, which is understandable.

    I wish you lots of clients with a 95% pay percentage! ❤

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, and specially for your words of kindness and good wishes for me! Yes, Im still going to believe the good in people, and maybe she will get back to me after all 🙂 much love to you!

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  3. Hi Fernanda I have always asked for a half fee deposit in advance as a symbol of the clients’ commitment to their readings. The only people who have EVER let me down – and those are few – have been those for whom I waived the deposit.

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  4. I have clients pay upfront, leave the money untouched in Paypal or escrow, and then take the money after services are rendered. I think there is no reason why we shouldn’t ask people to show that they assent to the contract. People value what they pay for.

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    • Yes, you are right, I have had people giving up after I already had done some prep for their astrological reading. Mind you it was only a few though.. I need to find a balanced way of trusting people and yet making sure that there is some kind of guarantee or protection for myself as well perhaps.


  5. I always look at it this way–If I go into the food market they expect money before I leave the shop with their food. They don’t let me take it home, cook it, eat it and then decide if I want to pay. 😀


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