A few words on the next Full Moon Eclipse..

Im back home in the UK now and can’t help but feel overwhelmed by I am not even sure what (?).

This is the second month that I can feel very strongly the energetic build up of the full Moon and I try just watching it without getting myself too involved in it.

As I take a look at the full Moon’s chart for Bristol (where I currently live) I can’t help but notice Pluto, placed very closely to the ascendant, still making the exact square to Jupiter while Venus in Cancer moves closer to forming a T square.

To me this feels like a big stretch up for transformation, the transformation (potential growth) of our relationships (Jupiter in Libra) linked up with a somewhat survival agenda (Pluto in Capricorn opposite Venus in Cancer), and/or perhaps questions like how much do we depend on our relationships in order to survive will be brought into light.

I see issues of boundaries, individuality and togetherness being triggered.

Jupiter is the apex of the forming T square and it also aspects both the Moon and the Sun, by respectively a trine and a sextile, seeming to hold the key to all of these conflicting and apparent opposing forces.

What is the feeling connected with Jupiter in Libra?! What can be the key possibly held by this symbolism?!

My take on it is: relationships that promote equality and growth!

With the building up of these energies we can potentially see codependency being strongly challenged.  (an issue not taken lightly by neither Aquarius or Leo who symbolises the axis connected with individuality and the specialness/uniqueness of each individual..)

Also this full Moon, happening at 15 degrees Aquarius (opposite the Sun at 15 degrees Leo), does make me think of issues connected with belonging and our sense of alienation being activated.

The Sabian symbol for 15 degrees Aquarius is ” Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily.”

This somehow resonates with what I have been feeling regarding this lunation and I can’t help but think that the two lovebirds are sitting on a fence not on a tree or something else, they are sitting on a fence which has division and separation at its core purpose I suppose..

This full Moon is also a lunar eclipse and I see eclipses strongly connected with turning points. It feels like a portal that once crossed there is no way back.. not that we would want to go back necessarily…



9 thoughts on “A few words on the next Full Moon Eclipse..

  1. I’ve been studying this chart too, in hopes it would give me clues to the agitation I’ve been feeling. Asteroid Aletheia (Truth) Opposed Pluto, and dwarf planet 2007 OR10 (irruption of Unconscious material) makes a Hammer of Thor (Insight) across the Jupiter-Aletheia Square.
    That tells me a lot. There’s also a second T-Square focused on asteroid Eurydike (Trust) across the Opposition between Black Moon Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) and Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).
    For me personally, turns our Pluto is bang on my natal asteroid Karma, which with all this about Irruption of Unconscious Material, also tells me a lot!

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  2. Thats very interesting, how did you get into the asteroids? I find fascinating the way you use them. Are there any books that you have used to get to know them?


      • I like both types of posts so I am happy either way, but I think that is smart to help pull in new clients. ❤


  3. I’ve been working with the “fab four” (Ceres-Pallas-Juno-Vesta) since they made their way into purchasable ephemerides (which was late 1990s I guess), and others on an ad-hoc basis since Solar Fire and the internet (http://www.true-node.com/eph1/) made it practical to do so. Demetra George’s book Asteroid Goddesses was an early introduction (http://demetra-george.com/).
    To compensate for using a lot of points (planets, asteroids, Centaurs, dwarf planets, etc) in a chart, I keep my starting interpretations of each pretty simple (ie, Pallas=Boundaries because She Asks Questions first and Shoots only when necessary, as opposed to Mars who Shoots first, Vesta=Unconscious Beliefs, Juno=Becoming Conscious of, Ceres=Sustainability), and unless I’m trying to fill a Vacancy, I start with a dozen or so ‘roids/concepts that I’ve found to often be useful (Sappho=Self-Love, Nemesis=Ego Death, Eurydike=Trust, Hopi=Respect, Veritas and Aletheia=Truth, Karma=Archetypes, Moira=Free Will, Klotho=New Timeline, Lachesis=Option to Change, Atropos=Endings). Wikipedia is great for getting to know a new asteroid.
    I also use six Centaurs (Chiron=Despair and Miracle, Chariklo=Self-Confidence, Hylonome=Individuation, Pholus=Responsibility, Asbolus=Intuition, Nessus=Abuse and Privilege) and ten dwarf planets (Eris=Revealing Denial, Haumea=Rebirth, Sedna=Fear, Makemake=Manifestation, Quaoar=Survival Instincts, Ixion=Forbidden Genius, Chaos=Unlimited Potential, Varuna=Life Force, Orcus=Oath-Breaking, 2007 OR10=Irruption from the Unconscious). Drawing up a Discovery chart is a great way to understand the dwarf planets. I find them particularly useful because I consider my specialty to be interpreting Unconscious material (Lovingly).
    The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of hand work; drawing up a complete chart becomes a matter of days rather than hours (as you can see from the hand-entered points in the charts in Astrobuss.wordpress). The advantage is that I can often help folks (Lovingly of course) become more Conscious.

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    • Uau, that sounds really interesting indeed! I wonder how the chart looks like though, once you place all of these points in it, can you do it on Solar Fire? Or it really has to be hand drawn?


      • Yes, the chart is a jumble. My version of Solar Fire is old; I don’t know if current versions would do it or not, I suspect not. Someone needs to write software to do it eventually.
        So the next step is to Focus on what’s important…
        I start with the basis for the chart – for instance, a New or Full Moon or a Station or Initiation of a new Cycle or Solar Return, and then redraw the chart using just the points that are in aspect to that Moon or Station or Initiation or Solar Return Sun. That will be the most important level. Then I look for major Configurations at other Degrees – T-Squares, Grand Crosses, Grand Quintiles, etc. Those new charts will be of secondary importance.
        *For a birth chart*, I pick out all of the major Configurations and draw a chart for each. The most important level is the biggest Configuration, but each chart is important, so if there’s time I read each one. I start with 3 Degrees (since there are so many points), but the planets invariably stretch that – for instance, if the Focus planet is at 10 Degrees, then all planets between 7 and 13 Degrees will be included in that sub-chart. But an important planet at 8 is likely to be closely related to another planet at 6 Degrees, and if we include that then we’re now using 6-13, and so on. Sometimes a chart will want to expand to cover many Degrees at once, so you have to use a combination of analysis and especially intuition to find where to Focus your Attention. You have to recognize that every reading is different, and every moment of a person’s life is different, so what you’re doing is giving *your* reading *at this time* and you want to do your best at that, not try to do the definitive reading for all time.
        I typically end up with 3-5 sub-charts. Sometimes the Quintiles and Septiles may add more, but that is unusual. So I end up dividing the 30-Degree span into three to five zones. These correspond to days of the month – within a few days of the 21st of each month, the Transiting Sun is at 1 Degree, and Mercury and Venus aren’t usually far away. So a Configuration at 6-13 Degrees in a birth chart will be lit up between about the 27th of every month and the 3rd of the following month, give or take a day or two. It’s a loose guideline, but if the client used that window to exercise the skills in their 6-13-Degree sub-chart, and to be Constructively Watchful to Embrace the Challenges in that sub-chart and not be Victimized by them, they may find it useful.


  4. Starting with 3 Degrees of Orb gives you the most important elements of a chart. When you get a client that’s really serious about understanding their Soul’s Mission in the Lifetime and for whom money is no object and they’re still getting value, after you do their 3-Degree interpretation you can redraw everything for a 6-Degree-Orb interpretation. 6-Degree-Orb Aspects are no less relevant and important, they’re just less intense than the 3-Degree Aspects. You need to charge by the hour for this kind of work, because it can go on for days if the client has the bandwidth. Most of my clients burn out after 2-3 hours, but that just means you’ll need several shorter appointments rather than one looong one.
    For any reading, you’ll get more client response if you focus your session of what’s lit up at the moment. For instance, you might have a client with a biggest Configuration in 6-13 Degrees, but by Transit their smaller Configuration at 21-27 Degrees is lit up – in that case spend your time reading their 21-27 Configuration. You can actually define times in the future when Transits will Light Up their other Configurations, and suggest that they return at those times for readings on their “other selves” – these sub-charts effectively define sub-personalities as many branches of shrinkology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subpersonality) have used them.

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