A few words on Jupiter in Scorpio

So much has happened since the last time I posted something here.

I am trying to keep the discipline and write more, but somehow it isn’t working. I feel like I have gone to an extreme of disciplining my daily routine and now Im going a bit to the other end of wanting to be free and not restrict myself so much.

Since Jupiter has moved into Scorpio I feel like a shift has happened and it looks like I am taking the study of the Occult a bit more serious.

It was interesting to see Liz Greene (Gosh, I still need to write at least one blog post about her workshop that I went to!) speaking about the split that Carl Jung had between the scientist and the mystic in his psyche.

Well, I feel that I too have a similar split. On one hand the academic historian that wants to be respected and do some serious intellectual work, and on another hand, the thirst to explore the mysteries of the occult and develop the imagination.

But now with Jupiter recently entering Scorpio I do feel a stronger impulse to explore those hidden areas, perhaps even to develop my magical powers?!

I am note sure, but I am enjoying this energy at the moment, and I am looking forward to explore and see what this transit will be reflecting.. and I feel that another few steps towards empowerment could be one of the best potentials here..

I do enjoy the Scorpio season.



3 thoughts on “A few words on Jupiter in Scorpio

  1. Yes, well,Fernanda, I too am feeling the need to revisit much deeper and darker material than has been characteristic of my reading in recent times – as Jupiter moves into Scorpio and heads for another third house Jupiter Return. The work of deepening one’s understanding never ceases….

    Enjoy your explorations! I’m looking forward to finding out where mine may lead THIS time. In previous J R’s, it’s always been some new educational adventure or other…


  2. Note: When we say we are TRYING to do something, more often, we are sweeping it under the rug or putting it on the back burner while scorching ourselves with more and more guilt each time we think of what we are not doing. If we say we are DOING something, then, more likely, we WILL do it. It’s kind of like what Yoda says in the Star Wars movies. Do or do not; there is no try. When we actually try something, it’s a test run or a sample of something new, like trying new foods or new doctors.

    It sounds like your energies are not grounded any better than my own, more inclined to ride the tides in and out, switching between beaches of interest, priority or hunger.


  3. Because Jupiter in Scorpio is such a deeply potent energy, it requires a refocusing and re-prioritizing of desires for most of us. You are wise to stop, take a deep breath, and reflect on your desires and redefine your way forward. Doing so will pay great dividends in the long-term, and will help you to make the most of this exciting energy.


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