In between worlds

Im on a haze.

It has been challenging to concentrate in the last couple of months and again I find myself struggling to keep up with my writing.

The full super blue blood moon eclipse on the 31 of January at 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius (bang on my MC/IC) has been truly intense.

It culminated with me finding out that I got the job at the Forest of Dean and everything in my life (regarding home and belonging) changes once more.

I am happy… and although surprisingly busy with astrology work, I just can’t seem to be able to focus a hundred per cent in my career at this moment.

Readings and lectures are going quite well but my process of change and becoming is taking over for now. The whole Pluto-Moon stuff that has been happening within me still going strong.

I would love to be doing and writing more, but there doesn’t seem to be much separation between my process of growth and the services that I can offer people. And at the moment, growth and change takes me over.

I have been reading a lot about greek mythology and psychology though, and have a strong feeling regarding a master course on the subject.

We will see.

For now, Im in between worlds. And that’s that.




7 thoughts on “In between worlds

  1. Growth and change is taking me over, too. My natal S. Node in Aquarius and Ascendant in Aquarius, with my Sun in Leo. I’d say, especially with these eclipses “massive overhaul.” Not to mention all my personal planets in Cancer that have opposed transiting Pluto. It pleases me to know that so much of what you are going through is positive change. Know that your readers will always be around! 🙂

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    • Ah, thank you so much for the lovely message! I feel you Ka Malana, specially because this is the second Eclipse season in the Leo/Aquarius axis. I see the reflection of these important transits as an opportunity for bringing more authenticity into our lives. A lot about being yourself and belonging and feeling appreciated for who you truly are. The Pluto transit is a little different though, with a potentially similar opportunity for more authenticity but a different kind of journey. I hope that you are doing well! Pluto’s transits usually equals to a very powerful and empowering process of emotional detox. Take care and Im sending you much love xx

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  2. You’re doing a great job of following your Heart, Fernanda, keep it up. It helps a lot to reframe Aspects as Learning Opportunities rather than as Attacks on our status quo. That way, events like your Pluto-Moon open you up to greater Emotional Capacity. Emotion is like Physiology; when we get consistent Physical exercise we can Do more more comfortably, same with Emotions. When we get consistent Emotional exercise we can Feel more, more comfortably.

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    • Thank you so much for your words J! Your message of encouragement means a lot to me. I feel that since 2015 and the first exact hit from Pluto to my Moon much emotional detox has happened. Now, at least emotionally speaking, things seem to be a little more balanced and mellow. I still need some time to process all the deep changes that have been happening within myself.


  3. You are in a process of transformation, and the power to go with the flow is very compelling. You are becoming detached from your left brain and thus losing touch with your ability to write coherently. You are feeling a slight tug from the gravity of that left brain, a remnant of a previous self like a ghost file on your computer. You can either continue to be tethered to the material world as you knew it and hope you stay sane or cut loose and fly off like an adventurous little kite to see where this transformation takes you.

    Oh, but if you ever wanna dish on Greek mythology and psychology (two subjects that just tickle my bones like catnip to a cat), feel free to step into my office. 🙂 Orrr, drop a letter in the mailbox.


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