Pluto as a family share…

My mother’s chart ruler is Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 12th house.

When I think of this configuration I sense a split. Leo’s fiery energy somehow drowning in the contents of the 12th house, the most elusive of all.

The need to shine its uniqueness lost in union.

It feels like the sense of self is achieved only through, somehow, the transcendence of it.

Leo behind the scenes?

I am currently reading Lynn Bell’s book about planetary threads and family patterns and   it is blowing me away.

The idea that each and every family has a certain myth (or perhaps a number of them), and that we are all playing it out again and again, really fascinates me.

Im thinking of Pluto again. Pluto and my family.

I have Pluto at 0 degrees in the 12th house. My brother has a t-square involving Pluto. Both my grandparents, from my mother’s side, have Pluto at 0 degrees.

And my mother with her Mercury conjunct Pluto in Leo in the 12th.

So many times I felt like I was touching on very deep seated stuff. Stuff that goes beyond my personal, conscious life.

We inherit so much more than just our parents looks!

Lynn Bell talks about the possibility of being fated to (consciously or unconsciously) heal wounds from many generations before.

During this Pluto transit to my Moon I became aware, through my own body, of so many of my mother’s fears .

I could write more on the subject, but for now my split between self-expression and privacy is somehow speaking louder. It’s also a bit late now.

Perhaps another time…


9 thoughts on “Pluto as a family share…

  1. The 12th House is about Introversion and Meditation. It gets its reputation for prisons and hospitals because most people don’t bother to ever introvert or meditate.
    Note that Cusps are very lit up this month (see astrobuss.wordpress). Cusps are difficult Degrees because they carry two very different Energies. For instance, the Cusp of Scorpio has to meld Creativity and Intellect (Libra) with Stability and Emotional Fearlessness (Scorpio) – that would be fair game for a combined PhD in Fine Art and Psychology.
    Native Americans say that we’re Responsible for the seven generations before us and the seven generations after us, for precisely the reasons you describe.

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    • Thank you for the interesting input! Yes, there seems to be something very interesting about the Cusps… about the 12th house, yes, I always advise clients with powerful placements in this house to make sure that they take regular time out to reconnect with their sense of self. I feel that solitude is truly needed with a strong 12th in the natal chart. Regarding the 7 generations, fascinating! I really feel something very powerful connected with the female lineage in my mother’s side. Something reflected by Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in my 12th…and I feel somehow like some kind of redeemer… the weight of fate, not a very light feeling a lot of the time… and yet very urgent…


      • The Native American perspective makes us “Responsible” for 7 generations behind and ahead, but we need to be careful to distinguish Responsibility (the Ability to Respond) from Blame. Blame looks backward to Attribute Cause. Responsibility looks forward to Improve Outcomes. So more important than Dwelling on the Heavy Emotions that these Realizations usually invoke, is to just Make the Changes that we would rather see the Future contain. (It sounds to me like that’s what you usually do, after some of the gnashing of teeth that all of us are prone to start with!)

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      • Yes, this is a very good way of putting it (the difference between blame and responsibility). I completely agree with you but I also see a very fine line between releasing old accumulated heavy emotions and spending unnecessary time and dwelling on it too much… I think the process of acknowledging is when you release some of it also, which can be a very painful part in the process, but knowing when to move on from it authentically is paramount. (without suppressing it more…)

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      • Yes, I realized just after I hit the Post button that I needed to say **After one has been able to Lovingly Embrace the Emotions Involved**, since nothing Changes till it is Accepted Exactly as it is. It’s easy to make the case that what we are actually here for is to suck in the clouds of (actually impersonal) Negative Emotion, process them, and Transform them into Love. Our most important function.

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  2. I have noticed this lately in my immediate family’s charts as well (mother, father, brother, sister and mine). We tend to have similar themes between various planets although the aspects differ (obviously).

    I am a big believer in reincarnation and have done research on my past lives. My father’s natal sun is exactly conjunct my South Node and he definitely inherited the explosive temper from my past life, which I see as a blessing because I have the lesser aspect of it. I think groups of souls with karmic ties incarnate together and I have seen my father as “taking on” more of the hot Mars energy from the past life (Aries Mars in tight trine to Leo Sun) so I could focus on other things with my Capricorn Mars in square to Aries Sun. Along with having a gentler energy of Mars, I also had my father as a role model to help me decide to use my Mars energy in a more productive fashion than his short fuse.

    My sister is also an enigma because her life path can be shown through my natal chart better than her own, which I think points to a weird glitch that we may have been my mother’s first born children of twin girls who died just before birth. I wrote about my evidence to that point in a journal entry a while back. I could be wrong about this, I have never read anything like what has happened with her, but it is uncanny how my natal chart shows some of her life patterns better than hers.

    It is all VERY interesting stuff!

    – Jacqueline

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    • Thank you so much for sharing some of your observations also! Have you had the chance to read Lynn Bell’s book on family patters? I highly recommend! This theme is so interesting!!! much love to you xx

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