Brainstorming Uranus in Taurus..

Another busy week has gone by and Im feeling thankful for the well deserved rest ahead.

This week I went through a myriad of strong(ish) emotions.

Uranus has moved into Taurus forming an exact opposition to my 12th Pluto (co-ruler of my chart) and I could sense old issues welling up to consciousness once more.

I’ve been seriously studying/researching/practicing astrology for quite a few years now, and that has allowed me to identify certain themes connected with each configuration in my natal chart. And also to realise how they get triggered each time by different transits and progressions.

Lately I’ve been touching strange and uncomfortable states and feelings that most probably not only go back to the time I’ve spent in the womb, but very likely is also imprinted in the female lineage in my family.

I don’t particularly want to go too deep into that right now. But it is interesting to see the contents of the 12th house as being experienced for the first time during your mother’s pregnancy.

(I heard this for the first time in a talk presented by Faye Cossar at the LSA in London a few years ago and the idea resonated with me very much.)

Anyway, yesterday night, whilst having difficulties to sleep, I started brainstorming what could Uranus in Taurus be symbolically speaking of now.

Uranus reflects sudden change and revolution, disruption and breaking free from everything that holds us back. Uranus also resonates with processes of awakening and individuation.

I feel that while Uranus was transiting Aries (from 2011 until recently) it was asking from us to develop a stronger sense of individuality and “selfishness”. To develop your character and to do what you want independently of what other people think of you. To fight your own battles while developing a new sense of “I”, less dependent on others inputs.

And now, as a continuation in the process, perhaps Uranus in Taurus reflects a time for building something new from that fresh new sense of “individualness”.

It seems to me that Uranus in Taurus reflects a period of time when our most cherished values regarding security are going to be challenged and transformed. Attachments to jobs, relationships and situations that are preventing you from developing your individuality further will probably be removed in one way or another.

Perhaps this is a great time to invest more energy into building solidity and security within rather than without.

One thought on “Brainstorming Uranus in Taurus..

  1. Good analysis, Fernanda!
    I think of Taurus as a Drive toward Stability and Predictability, but the Security part (4th House, Cancer) is an artifact of that. As Fixed Earth, Taurus is about stabilizing our Relationship to the Material World, and since Materiality is Bottom Line to many folks, Material Stability is synonymous to Security for them. But that’s the Pluto-in-Cancer perspective, long overthrown by Pluto in Leo (I Gotta Be Me), Pluto in Virgo (Transformation Above All), Pluto in Libra (Relationship Is Everything), Pluto in Scorpio (The Way Out Is Through), Pluto in Sagittarius (Shake It Off), and now Pluto in Capricorn (Just Fix It, where “It” is either Personal Security or Communal Security – eg the Arguments over Climate Change). So equating Taurus with Security will overlook a lot of people.
    I think of Uranus as the Personal Soul. So when it’s Disruptive, as Ego-Stability Astrology usually names it, it Disrupts impediments to moving our Ego and Self and Behavior and Values more toward our Soul’s Desires and our Lifetime Mission – as you suggest. So I expect Uranus to Disrupt Religious (Compulsive or Motivational) Materialism, Disruption of which is long overdue.
    A suggestion for when you (or anyone) encounters Heavy Emotional material, like your 7-Generations Work, by way of example…
    I’m old. This morning I “had to” walk a little over a mile, and my Hips complained a lot in the process. My Reaction was basically to struggle on, hurrying a bit to avoid prolonging the pain.
    This afternoon I walked the same path in the other direction, but this time I asked my Hips, as a result of what I’ve been reading lately, “What is it you have to Teach me?” I also imagined Softening and Warming them (Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Hard and Cold), and just Opened up to a constant gentle communication with them. All of which made me slow down, Relax, and straighten my spine more.
    The Difference was remarkable. After the morning walk I felt Fear, Shame, Pain, and Guilt. During and after the afternoon walk I felt Excitement, Ease, Love, and Optimism. The afternoon walk felt like it was half as long, even though it was the same path.
    Which is to say, Attitude is Everything, and it’s not Experience that Bums us, it’s Resistance to our Experience.

    Love, Jim

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