Saturnian sobriety.

I am currently reading Liz Greene’s seminar entitled “The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest” and, as Saturn stations to go direct in the early degrees of Capricorn, I feel very introspective and naturally reviewing my connection with astrology.

In this seminar, Liz Greene is presenting a few different archetypes and mythic themes that might be unconsciously played out by the astrologer (as well as the client), for example the solar deity Apollo and the idea of expanding consciousness and promoting individuality, or Chiron, the wounded healer, that needs to share his wounds with others so he doesn’t feel so alone.

I am simplifying things here for obvious reasons and I couldn’t recommend this book enough for the ones that consider themselves, or aspire to become, professional astrologers.

As much as I would like to support as many different views and ideas as possible, or at least respect every person’s ideas and views, I struggle a bit when it comes to astrology.

When I read the myriad of astrological updates online I usually get the impression that most people that write them down don’t seem to consider their own lens and how much it impacts the interpretation of the symbols. ( I tend to think that a lot of those are but a reflection of their inner life?)

I have a funny feeling when I read things like an astrological configuration of some kind has helped something to happen. Or that the moon moving into a new constellations should make you feel in a certain way. Or a planet moving forward again might cause specific symptoms in your life.

For some reason this kind of immediate interpretation unsettles me.

I somehow feel like I have left a phase of infatuation with astrology behind. I don’t necessarily want to talk about it all the time with just anyone like I used to in the beginning of my studies.

I am still an enthusiastic of the complex intricacies of what astrology reflects, but for some reason I now find tiring to preach about it to the general public.

Interestingly, this seems to be synchronistically reflected by Saturn moving forward again and harmoniously activating my Mercury.  I feel that my view of astrology is somehow becoming a bit more sober. I don’t think that astrology can change the world, and I don’t desperately ask people’s star signs or time of birth anymore. Neither I try defining Astrology as a science when a skeptical crosses my path.

I am somehow accepting the mysteries more willingly, and looking within before rushing into revealing the secrets of another’s soul in what perhaps could potentially be an unconscious attempt to validate myself and choice of interest.

Have you ever thought about what made you choose to pursue your career path? Have you also gone through a process of change in how you relate with the subject that you dedicate yourself to? Im sure the answer is yes.

Any astrologers out there that would like to share their perspective on it?


9 thoughts on “Saturnian sobriety.

  1. I’ve had some similar thoughts and often reflect on thos as I am someone who does write about current transits. When I started my blog it wasn’t something I intended to do and then found an audience through writing about current transits. I am aware of how I am interpreting thongs through my filter and try to keep it fairly general with what I say. I’ve thought about stopping, and then find myself wanting to continue since it took me awhile to draw an audience of some sort and have found more success in part through writing about transits. I think it’s natural to get a more sober view of astrology over time but even so I remain fascinated by it. In the end I do think something more mysterious is at work rather than just an interpretation of how transits impact you. It sounds like a great book. I’ve been reading her book on Jung and astrology.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts Gray! Yes, I know what you mean about reaching an audience. It is true, but for what I’ve read your work still much deeper than many of the simplistic astrological updates that I see around. I try to remind myself to head a little more towards my north node in Gemini and not be so judgemental about other people’s take on astrology. And yes, this book I’m reading now is a gem for the professional astrologer I think, check it out if you can. The one about Jung seems to be quite amazing too. I had the opportunity to go to a weekend workshop with her last year where she was talking about her work behind these two books about Jung. It was amazing! 🙂


  2. “Have you ever thought about what made you choose to pursue your career path? Have you also gone through a process of change in how you relate with the subject that you dedicate yourself to?”

    I am not sure if I can honestly say that I chose my career path.

    My 23-year career path thus far has been a confusing road with some dead ends, repeating loops to begin anew again, and other criss-crosses to end up where I am today as a secretary support person within the Education field. I am proud of the work we do (education makes the world better), but I am not sure this is a dream job that anyone plans for… in fact most days I end up serving coffee and setting out lunch for meetings, which seems like a waste of my 4-year university degree in Marketing, BUT I am happy with where I landed and I have a strong suspicion that this is where I am supposed to be so I will stay until it is time to go somewhere else.

    In response to the second question… I have Uranus opposite my natal Sun and squaring my Ascendant (among other aspects to Uranus), and what I have found is that things don’t last long term for me.

    People, objects and ideas have a 1-3 year life span before they get replaced by something else. I have given up with grieving this process and now I just flow with the change. I have become more skeptical in my older age, because with the wisdom of experience I tend to hesitate before I jump in to a new hobby–especially if it is expensive–because I know my desire/passion for it won’t last.

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    • Thank you so much for youR in depth response to my questions. I feel that this is a great exercise now that Saturn is moving forward again in Capricorn. Where are we heading in terms of our career and etc seems like good questions to ask ourselves now. Feeling that you are where you are supposed to be is a good omen I think. I never thought I would become an astrologer or be where I am now in my life (currently working as a chef in Ann educational organisation in the countryside!) (I didn’t even like cooking when I was younger!! ha!) But it does feel like I am in the right place, at least for now (Im also a Sun square Uranus). Also, the older we get, which is another Saturnian theme I suppose, the better self knowledge. Sounds good that you are suffering less with the part of you reflected by that strong Uranian side. xx

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  3. Soberness belongs so much to Saturn’s teachings! Too many words, concepts, talks, consume energy. And Saturn wants us to become sober n synthetic. Then we see the way, our way, without the numerous distractions present within n without when we are not sober!
    Thank you for your post!

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    • Thank you for reading it and for your sober comment 🙂 . Yes, I really appreciate the energy that Saturn represents…I find it very stabilising. I think about the first Saturn return and how much more solid we become after it (if we dare do the work required).

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  4. Wish I had more time to engage with this thoughtful post, Fernanda! What you are describing sounds like stage 2 in the unfolding process of becoming an astrologer: the initial infatuation is over, you still are deeply interested and engaged, so it’s time to take your involvement deeper…I’m happy to tell the story of my early engagement with astrology and share other folks’ stories as well :

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