Obscure times…

I am sat at my table with everything ready to start writing my first essay for the university, but instead of doing that, Im catching myself trying to understand what is going on in the world.

I am wondering what is prompting us to give rise, and our votes, to the far right and what it seems like a speech, and ideology, against minority, diversity and the environment? Obviously not all of us are doing this, but it seems like the majority of us are, otherwise people like Donald Trump and Bolsonaro would not have been elected president in their respective countries.

I feel overwhelmed with the amount of arguments between people in the social media and with the bigger picture of what is happening.

Astrologically speaking, I am wondering what does the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in couple of years time will be reflecting. Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn does feel like the consequences of the abuse of power, death and destruction, could become more clear. What will happen to the environment after years of exploitation? Are we heading towards our own destruction?


9 thoughts on “Obscure times…

  1. I’m curious to see what happens, too. This will occur in my 11th house, so I’m now trying to gain more professional credentials and learn a second (third) language so I can leave if the time comes that the United States implodes/rots and can no longer sustain itself because I see my hopes and dreams thwarted otherwise.

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    • The conjunction will happen in my third house and close to a trine to my natal Venus in the 11th house. This really seems like an obscure time and I hope that we can do our best to bring the energy necessary for positive transformation not only of the economic and politic structure, but also on the way that we all treat each other and the environment. (sight)


  2. I have given a lot of thought to the election of Trump and Pluto moving through Capricorn.

    It is impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty… however, if reporting is correct then RECORD number of women have entered into elections for public office (in/at all levels of federal and state government). How many will win? We have to wait and see, but even if a portion of them win that will shift things in government.

    The Trump administration has violated nearly every norm/ethic of the Executive branch. When democrats regain power in the house/senate (which WILL happen eventually) those norms will probably be changed to laws. (I can point to several times in history when this was so: Presidential term restrictions after FDR and nepotism laws for Cabinet appointments after Kennedy.)

    It is very true that up until 2016 the USA electorate has been sleepwalking through each cycle. However… people have woken up. The Women’s March, the Parkland students, the MeToo movement, along with all the others I am forgetting, have mobilized the public. We are awake now. We are paying attention.

    Some things will take time to fix, like how gerrymandered some congressional districts are that make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a democratic candidate to win (even though the collective number of votes in the state is for democrats), as well as all the investigations and legal battles around Trump… however, I believe this is classic Pluto of tearing down everything and exposing all flaws/weaknesses so it can be built up strong and better. ❤

    Anyway, that is what I see in it.

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    • Thank you for bringing positive facts into the picture, yes, I actually see what you are saying. I do see more consciousness around me, more willingness to embrace the sacred feminine (which I believe is paramount in the process of change that we are going through) and the healing that this might be representing on a larger, as well as smaller, scale. I think that social media can be an intense platform for the exchange of ideas and freedom of expression, but it can also be the place where fake news thrive and people just argue with each other in extreme ways. I feel that spending too much time in it can be very draining and depressing. I think that it is important to raise our vibrations so we can best serve in this massive time of change and obscurity and hope… ❤

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  3. Yup. If we don’t turn it around.
    First, recognize that the Trauma Dramas you reference are a “Healing Crisis” – the Death Throes of the Patriarchy. Like any Karma, if we focus on the horror of it, we make it stronger. If we Realize that it’s an Opportunity to Let It Go instead, we can burst the balloon. Karma does not grasp us, we grasp it.
    Second, put your Attention and Energy and Action and Meditations and Prayers into the Alternatives that *You* Want To See Evolve.
    The State of the Planet is an average of the Trauma Dramas and Alternatives. Don’t add your weight to the Trauma Dramas.

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