Reflections on life’s changes…

I am getting ready to move out from where I’ve been living for the past year and a half.

Writing down organisational lists, to do lists, to let go lists, getting very organised, after all, is Virgo season!

I don’t feel devastated or fearful.

Having a Pluto transit to the natal Moon works as a kind of painful initiation. The transit is still within orb for me, and I guess all this moving around in the last 4 years is a reflection of it.

This moving out is also marking the end of a relationship that began when Pluto was forming the 3rd exact square to my natal Moon.  I have learned a lot and there are not many regrets, I try to look forward to my next steps.

I actually catch myself feeling excited about these changes as I think that my life was somehow stuck in a rut. My job as a chef and volunteer’s coordinator in the community wasn’t doing anymore for a long time. Working full time in something that isn’t my true passion is very difficult for me. Well… I think that working full time is difficult for me in most circumstances, if we consider full time hours as 40 hours per week.

That is crazy!! I mean, what about time for yourself, for organising your life, or taking care of our basic needs for food and personal hygiene etc, plus our needs for novelty and creative endeavours, plus our need to stimulate our intellect… Jesus, working 40 hours a week makes quite impossible to do all of that in a well balanced manner.

I cannot do that.

I believe, selfishly or not, that the belief that we have to be constantly productive and working is a fallacy. I probably have written about this here many times in different ways, but I cannot stress this idea enough. We need time to wonder, to just be. That is not laziness, is rather a necessity for our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Screw the full time hours system!

Thats the thing, I feel so excited and happy and relieved that I am free again to think about whatever I want to think about, that the sadness of leaving or breaking up isn’t making such a huge impact on me at the moment. I think I have grieved quite intensely during the new moon eclipse in July so I feel ready to move on again.

As tiresome, hard work and uncomfortable as moving out and changes in general can be, I love and need them rather often… or so it seems. Or is that the Pluto transit still in orb with my Moon?

The fact is, and here is a Uranus/Mars conjunct in Sag in the first house speaking, I thrive in change and it seems to me such a delusional idea that one day there will be a plateau of peace and contentment in life capable of leaving changes and disruptions at bay. And as human beings I think that we somehow gravitate towards this idea of placidity and total fulfillment in a somewhat unchangeable situation. No…

The only constant is change.

We are a process, a life process, constantly changing and expanding, and there is nothing we can do about that other than aligning ourselves as best as we can and dance to the music… life will throw different rhythms at different times, and astrologically we can associate that to planetary transits, and somehow there is less suffering in surrendering to these rhythms.

Cheers to life!

16 thoughts on “Reflections on life’s changes…

    • I like the idea of seeing the conjunction between Mars and Venus as an opportunity for the internal ‘sacred marriage’… you are right, I think that this is necessary for any successful relationship with others as well.


  1. Very well said Fernanda. Working hard is fine, but it needs to be connected to our own inner inspiration and passion. The last part of your blog post is quite prophetic, and I fully agree. The way I see it is that, yes, we can change the reality that we shall experience by the vibration we send out (which is determined by and composed of our thoughts and feelings). The universe then receives and answers this vibration, and we can greatly modify our lives (and important transits to our charts in this way also). But some things are just destiny, and surrendering to these things or destiny events is our best way forward.

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    • Thank you for your comment and for reading this post wizron. 🙂 I agree with the way you see and how we are, in a way, responsible for our vibration and, at the same time, some things are just part of our destiny.


  2. I agree with you on 40 hour work weeks being insane. I think our solo/coupled lifestyles are insane when compared to how many thousands of years we lived in tribes or close-knit villages.

    I read somewhere that an African tribe that was interviewed had no interest in our lifestyle because tribal life allowed for so much leisure time compared to ours.

    I feel like our solo (or coupled) lives is unnatural for us. We turn into disconnected wage slaves. Granted, I myself have turned into such an introvert there is no way I could move into a tribe and not feel smothered by being around other people all the time, but I do wonder if that is just my gradual coping mechanism to deal with the unnatural insanity of my solo life?

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    • I agree and think I know what you mean. In the last 5 years I’ve been searching for a community to live in for this reason, plus climate change and etc, and I have been living in a set like that for a year and a half. Part of the problem here for me is that this is a working community rather than an intentional community, so the 40 hours work thing is still considered normal here. At times I did feel overwhelmed by having too many people around me almost constantly, but on another hand, it has also taught to be sharper in realising when I need time on my own and not feeling guilty about my needs. So I guess that it has been a great learning experience. I might give another go to living in a community sort of set in nature, but perhaps one where we share more values and spiritual practices, plus we are freer to have our jobs and careers outside the community. 🙂
      Regarding your introversion, perhaps we don’t become an introvert because of the environment but we are rather a natural born introvert or extrovert? I don’t know.

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      • I am not entirely sure where the introversion came from. I was more of an extrovert as a child (heavily aspected Aries Sun) but have developed into an introvert in my spiritual path (equally heavily aspected Pisces Moon).

        I am glad you are going to look for another community to live in, one with shared values sounds perfect. ❤️

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  3. I totally agree with you about the 40-hour week. But it’s also about our modern style of having distinct places for work, which is otherwise separate from other parts of life. Some of my work is at home, where I can move around and alternate tasks as works for me. I think some people do well with a standard job they go to all day, but it’s not for everyone.

    There’s been some talk recently of shortening the work week, because so many jobs are expected to be taken over by automation in the next few decades. I think it would be a great advance, but the economic system would need to change radically to accommodate it.

    Thanks for the post- it’s nice to be reminded that I’m not the only one who can’t do a “normal” job!

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    • Thank you for reading and for the lovely comment Rachel, it means a lot to me to know that Im not alone with this feeling regarding the full time working hours. I will be working more from home as well now that I plan to work on my astrological practice only again for a while. That works for me too, but to be honest, more than working from home, I think that what works for me is being my own boss… I wouldn’t mind having a little office to receive my clients somewhere outside my home eventually… 🙂


  4. .”.Uranus/Mars conjunct in Sag in the first house speaking.”..I really had a good laugh when I saw this, Fernanda, in a fellow-feeling sort of way.

    I came into this world with ‘self-employed’ stamped on my forehead – but only discovered it when I was 37. I have a Mars/Uranus conjunction in the 10th House and never really settled into a work pattern that suited me until I became my own boss and could organise things in a way that was true to my own nature.

    I like a lot of solitude, and don’t like being told what to do – I also have a range of abilities, as you do, and it took me a long time to put them together in a way that suited me ie as an astrologer, astrology teacher and writer.

    With that first house Mars/Uranus in Sagittarius, you’ll need to do life in your own unique, restless way…and don’t let anyone tell you different!

    Good luck with the next phase. I’ve enjoyed following the unfolding journey….

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    • Thank you for your words and encouragement Anne! I had a smile on my face while reading your comment and our shared natal Mars/Uranus conjunction. I believe I was also born with ‘self-employed stumped in my forehead’ as Mars rules my 6th house and squares my Sun/Mercury in the 10th 🙂 , I really enjoy organising my own schedule and, like yourself, not having anyone telling me what to do!
      A few years ago I also discovered that I have Mars, not only conjunct Uranus, but also out of bounds and this makes me think that the way I pursue things is very different from the norm.. a lot of people hang on to their secure jobs and slowly works on their astrological practice for years, but that doesn’t work for me. I get so bored and restless.. I realised that maybe quitting these jobs and working solo on my astrological career from time to time is more fulfilling than waiting ten years to do that, even if I run out of cash at the end of it I can always get another job and save some money again to quit later on… I feel that the year in Bristol when I was mainly working on my astrology practice (with my progressed moon in Capricorn) I managed to achieve a lot, even if I wasn’t managing to make ends meet (yet!). Anyway, what excites me is that I stop seeing that as a failure and started understanding that this might be my style of doing things, all or nothing kind of approach.. also Im super excited to have another big chunk of time to work on my things now (Master and Astrology), I feel very happy at the moment.

      Are you coming to the student conference in London on the 14th of September? It would be great to see you as I will be there helping with the book stall again.. xx

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  5. Good to hear all this, Fernanda! I too have an out of bounds Mars, incidentally…I’d very much like to be coming to the student conference, but unfortunately because of family commitments won’t be able to make it. However, I’m sure our paths will cross again before too long! Xx . ps if all goes to plan, I may well be down next year promoting my next book…

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    • Wonderful that you are writing a book! Looking forward to reading it when it comes out… and nice to know that we are Mars(out of bounds)/Uranus conjunction astro twins 🙂 , you inspire me to continue treading my path Anne. Thank you for that, and hope to see you sometime soon somewhere xx

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      • Offering astro-inspiration is what I’m all about these Elder days, Fernanda – and it has been a great pleasure for me to see you grow and develop in your relationship with astrology as well as your own journey, over the last few years. Yes, we will meet again, I’m sure! Xx

        ps I’ll let you know when the book comes out..

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