Progressed Moon conjunct IC

I’ve been back in Brazil for just over 3 weeks and much has happened already, or has it not?!

Since my progressed Moon entered the sign of my natal IC in the beginning of September my attention has naturally turned towards exploring and understanding more about my roots.

I’ve been socialising quite a bit and going out observing everything with the curiosity of an anthropologist doing field work in some remote and yet familiar place.

I used to feel that I don’t belong here, and for the first time I am willing to recognise a slight sense of belonging that seems to be increasing as time goes by…

Not sure.

Perhaps Im getting more comfortable with being part of the syncretism that I come from. Being some sort of Alien Frankenstein (how much Aquarius on the IC does this sound?!) returning ‘home’… home?!

Transiting Saturn is forming its last square to my natal Moon and I don’t feel the typical symptoms associated with this transit: loneliness, depression, etc. I really don’t, which is a reminder to never dismember astrological symbolism too much. What I sense happening instead, is me questioning if I should come back to live here…  or not…

4 thoughts on “Progressed Moon conjunct IC

  1. When we’re hit with a series of relatively rare repeating Transits (like Saturn-Moon, which on the 90-Degree Wheel hits only every seven years, usually thrice), I interpret the first one as a “Can-Opener,” because it introduces new “Material” into our Lives for us to study and work on.
    Recurring Transits I refer to as “Expositions,” because they bring us back over the Material more slowly (“Retro” even) so we get to see more clearly what’s going on with the Material. The event doesn’t Shock us like the Can-Opener often does, so we have more Presence and Identify less with what’s been Disrupted.
    Except the last recurrence of the series, which I call the “Confidence-Builder,” because now we have fresh Experience with the Material, and we can often sail through it.
    I interpret Transiting Saturn-Moon as The Most Important Thing (Saturn) at This Time (Transit) Is Our Instincts (Moon) btw.

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  2. I’m enjoying following your travels both inner and outer, Fernanda – just read your updated blurb as well as the post. Congrats on doing your first AA Conference talk next year! I can empathise with many of your sentiments regarding your place of origin/home…although I’m a lot older than you, this really resonated with where I am now regarding my remote island of origin off Scotland:

    ‘…I used to feel that I don’t belong here, and for the first time I am willing to recognise a slight sense of belonging that seems to be increasing as time goes by…’

    My relatives have never known what to make of me, and one has to accept that having astrology choose one does bring certain freakish qualities with it in the eyes of much of the rest of the world. It’s just the way it is…love your Alien Frankenstein!

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    • Thank you Anne! 🙂 Your comments always bring me joy and help me feeling heard, which for someone with Chiron in Gemini is quite special! Will I see you at the AA conference next year?

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