Housing crisis

I have a few minutes for catching up with processes that are happening here.

Some posts back I talked about my progressed moon moving to Aquarius, the same sign on my IC, and the continuation of my journey in search for home, but this time,  reconnecting with my Brazilian roots.

During the New Moon in Sagittarius I moved to a friend’s house here in Sao Paulo so now Im living most of the week with her and couple of days with my parents. I was just packing some of my stuff to go back from her place to my mother’s where I will see a client later today for an astrology session.

As I was packing my things I thought about the amount of traveling and moving around that I have been doing since 2015 when Pluto did the first exact square to my natal Moon. At that time things were so emotionally intense that travelling from place to place gave me some sort of solace from all the intensity that was coming up to me.

This time is different, I am more balanced and less haunted by the emotional detox reflected by the Pluto Moon stuff, but I do notice myself feeling a little tired of all of the moving around (at least today?).

Yesterday night I was asking myself where is home?  I get bored indeed and have been consistently moving houses, jobs, cities, etc, but I wonder, is there a time when I am going to be able to settle down a bit more? Will I ever have a home of my own?

I am used to temporary situations, I am used to being quite mutable and taking one day at the time and building a momentary home with whatever I have available, but I am wondering more and more (perhaps the progressed Moon/IC thing) when is this going to end… if ever? Will I have a bit more stability regarding housing?

I have no answer to these questions yet, but it was a great relief to move out from my parents (again) and spend a few solid days on my own. As we grow older it becomes clearer how much space we need for ourselves, to do our own cooking, to decide how to get on with our day without being judged…

These last few days reflected how important for me is to be regularly alone, how necessary is to withdraw from activities and outside stimuli so I can process my feelings and understand what is going on with me. It has been 2 months since I arrived in Brazil and I did not have quality time on my own to feel my feelings, to catch up with myself properly.

I say no to this world populated by extroverted people constantly achieving and doing things out there. I want to achieve and do things in here. Inside me.


2 thoughts on “Housing crisis

  1. Wow girl ive asked the very same questions recently, out loud, to others even. Last friday was my first saturn return of 3 this year for me. Square Sun, Square Moon, ditto. Will i live through it? Sometimes i seriously wonder! Late 2015 was my departure from my last self directed home. I’ve traversed many geolocations since then with no end in sight. The guardians are always timely in their practical help but i yearn to stop moving. The great conjunction coincides with my Jupiter return as well so i anticipate my 59th ascendant before the new year should be stellar, no pun intended.

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    • There is a great song by musician Martha Tilston called ‘Nomad Blood’ , in the lyrics she talks about constant travelling and longing to be back home, but then, once she is home she gets bored and she needs to move again. I have felt like that for most of the last 5 years but the time to settle down a bit more seems to be coming…even if Im still going to keep travelling, going to conferences and doing talks around the world (that would be the dream) I’m feeling the need to have a more solid base. Is this your first or second Saturn Return (in life I mean)? I enjoy the solidification process that Saturn symbolises usually 🙂 All the best for you during this challenging but hopefully rewarding time!


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