Saturnian Quarantine, times of change!

I’ve been back in the UK for the past 5 days and things here (regarding the corona virus) are more heated than it was in Brazil when I left (apparently the panic is beginning to catch up there too).

My friend has left to Brazil and I’ve decided to live in Brighton, a small town on the beach 50 minutes by train from London. Im currently staying at his bedroom until the girls in the bedroom next door (which is meant to be mine) are able to travel (they were planning to go to USA and Spain, both have their boarders shut at the moment).

In moments like this I think of what Liz Greene said about the outer planets talking about collective movements of change related to survival and how much we individuals have little to say regarding that. Some things are beyond our control and we would do good in keeping our peace and mental health in any way that works for us. Meditation, prayer, drawing, painting, dancing, jogging… you name it. Whatever works!

This is actually what I wanted to write about in here. We are in a situation where a quarantine is somehow ‘forced’ upon us, take that as an opportunity to go back to yourself. To reflect upon your life, your choices, your values and who you are in the most authentic way. Who are you? What do you truly need? How can you best contribute with the transformation that we (collectively) and the world seems to be going through?

Jupiter and Mars joining in the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn seems to be reflecting this ’emergency crisis’ in the forefront and I feel this to be symbolising what has been going on in the last few years, a big political and economic crisis. It seems like we are hitting a point where we cannot ignore what is going on anymore. The structures that organize our society are purging and in need for massive transformation.

How can we contribute in this process?

This is one of the questions that we could ask ourselves during the quarantine. What would we like to see more in the world? It’s another one.

By the end of the year Saturn and Jupiter will conjoin in Aquarius marking the beginning of a long cycle in the air element (it will be a change from earth to air) and a 20 year cycle focusing in the aquarian archetype.

Aquarius at best connects with humanitarianism, how individuals can best contribute with the group, progress in a digital sense and acceleration of time (more?). As Jessica Murray said, we will be moving from materialism to idealism.

How is the best way that we, as individuals, can take responsibility in this process?

I think that the answers to some of these big questions could come up as we take advantage of this quarantine to do some soul searching rather than wallow in fear and panic.

What kind of society would you like to see manifesting, starting from your neighbourhood?!

3 thoughts on “Saturnian Quarantine, times of change!

  1. Capricorn is a very karmic sign. With both Pluto and Saturn in it at the moment, we seem to be reaping some sort of collective karma. And with Saturn about to go into Aquarius (groups of people, and all of humanity), there are restrictions (Saturn) happening in regards to large groups.

    Aquarius is a detached sign, and we are being asked to self-isolate. I think that Saturn moving through Aquarius (this time around) is about humanity taking responsibility, and that includes every single person. Jupiter in Capricorn at the moment is in its fall, and is in the sign of restrictions (eg foreign travel). Jupiter is also the planet that rules hope and optimism. Once Jupiter finally makes it to Aquarius, things will hopefully ease up.

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    • Thanks for this thorough analysis of the current astrology. Very interesting and challenging it seems, but potentially transformative as well. Im finding very curious that most people are changing meetings for online meetings and lectures, or online services in general, and soon we will have all of these planets moving to Aquarius !!


  2. Good point Fernanda. This situation will be a big boost for the concept and reality of people working (Saturn) from their homes on their computers, and make it a much more commonplace practice (welcome to the future). Also children e-learning from home instead of going to their school which has been shut down. And an increase in online dating also! (a good business to have shares in).

    Uranus in Taurus has been ‘activated’: Things that used to be regular and stable are now unpredictable and changing. And with Chiron in Aries, the whole world faces a health and healing challenge. Hopefully with the Sun soon going into Aries, we will move from the vulnerability, helplessness and confusion of Pisces, and move into implementing positive initiatives and taking positive, assertive action against this illness.

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