Astrology and Seasons!

Omnia tempus habent… (All things have their season) – Ecclesiastes 

As I finish preparing my powerpoint presentation for my webinar tonight on secondary progressions here I am again, feeling baffled with the accuracy of astrological symbolism.

All things have their season, and prognostication is about that. It isn’t (not for me anyway) about predicting what the future holds or what is going to happen exactly, it is about realising your inner (and outer) season. Work with nature rather than against it, you wouldn’t try to harvest things during winter, etc.

There is the right time for everything. And astrological symbolism can help you not only to understand that, but also to align yourself with it. What a wonderful tool, albeit often misunderstood, astrology is.

As my progressed Moon makes its way towards my natal IC, boxes, removals, decorating and furniture permeates many of my conversations as well as my mind. I want to create a proper ‘nest’, a strong base where I can get in touch with my creativity (which will probably be happening once my progressed Moon moves into my 5th house I guesss…) and do more of the work that I love doing. Free myself up from some of the mundane preoccupation and fully dedicate myself to my master’s dissertation and my astrology practice.

Live a life that’s more aligned with what I want to do daily, focus my energy. (I guess I can also hear my progressed ascendant moving to Capricorn here!) I really look forward to being able to focus more and travel less (a little less anyway…).

Are you aware of your secondary progressions right now?!

4 thoughts on “Astrology and Seasons!

  1. Hello Fernanda – I hope your webinar goes really well! I have at last posted my Progressions essay from TMA 2018 over on my Astrology: Questions and Answers Page and given your site a plug. Do check it out..
    ps I hope to attend your Aquarius Rising presentation – from far up in the wild North-West of Scotland where I’ll be next week.

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    • Thank you Anne, Im definitely going to have a read today! Looking forward to as I am becoming rather obsessed about progressions… 🙂 Thank you about the plug, and I am looking forward to giving that talk next week, hopefully see you online!

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    • I feel that progressions reflect more the inner seasons somehow… they reflect different layers of reality; I am not entirely sure, I do have transiting Uranus just about to exactly square my MC-IC axis, so I could relate that to the imminent move I am about to make, but the Progressed Moon on the IC feels so uncanny right now, something more within than the Uranus transit, does that make sense? Have you noticed the Progressed Moon crossing over any of the angles in your natal chart? How did it feel? xx


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